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Welcome. I’m Nic Naish a nutrition & fitness expert

I’m a fully qualified nutritional therapist and MacMillan trained cancer rehab specialist.
Most people I talk to, describe living with a chronic health condition as feeling continually ‘out of control’

I can help correct biological imbalances through nutritional intervention and lifestyle changes
(such as choosing the right exercise for YOU!)

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News and Articles

Jul 02, 2016

Switch your noodles!

As a naturopathic nutritionist, I can recommend small tweaks to clients’ regular meals that make ...
Dec 30, 2019

Cancer patients to get fitness ‘prehab’ on NHS

Posted this from the BBC last Friday and it has sparked many a conversation over ...
Jan 23, 2020

The importance of Vitamin D in Winter

During the winter, it’s much harder to get enough UVB to make vitamin D, because ...

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